If you're living with pain, first of all: Shit, I'm sorry. It's horrible.

I've been in constant pain for about five years and somehow I've learned to just about live with it, but there's been so many things I found helpful.


I was one of the last people to claim DLA before the new system brought in the dreaded Twenty Metre Rule, that if you can move more than twenty metres, you're suddenly not disabled enough to access Motability. Chances are, you'll also lose your blue badge and if you receive Access to Work support (which I highly recommend you should), then your entitlement to support work is also threatened. It's not just about money.

However, the thing they don't tell you when you're applying is that you need to be able to do that "repeatedly, reliably, safely and to an acceptable standard." If you take more than twice as long as other people to do something, you need to say you can't do it on the form.

While the game was being made, the UN ruled that the UK was guilty of "grave and systematic" abuses of the human rights of disabled people. The government has chosen to ignore this, saying that they spend more than ever on supporting disabled people. They do not. They have spent half a billion pounds on paying companies to try to remove welfare support from disabled people.

I ask you to take this up with your MP and to not let this drop. As many disabled people have said: When they cut, we bleed. It has to stop.

A pencil drawing showing an orthotic foot drop brace, a folded walking stick, a back brace and a velcro foot-drop splint